Why a Tarp is a Fundamental Camping Equipment


You might naturally assume that a tarpaulin would be a less viable choice, but an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts have come to understand that this is far from the truth. You might believe that a tarpaulin wouldn't provide adequate protection from the elements or that setting it up would be challenging. However, as evidenced by some of our prior blog posts, it's evident that these assumptions are not accurate. Tarps exhibit remarkable versatility when utilized as shelters. Regardless of your specific circumstances and requirements, a single tarp can offer a plethora of options.

Now that you've discovered the remarkable flexibility and applications of your tarp, what are the other benefits?


Closer to Nature

Many tarp shelter configurations include open areas that allow you to wake up to a beautiful sunrise or morning dew. Weather permitting, this provides a less sanitized camping experience compared to being enclosed in a zipped-up manufactured tent. It allows you to connect with nature in a way reminiscent of our ancestors, as observed in recent times on camping forums and websites where many campers report their positive experiences with this back-to-nature approach.

Lightweight and Space-Saving

Tarpaulins are crafted from lightweight, strong, and waterproof materials, taking up less room in your backpack compared to modern tents. You'll also save on weight because you won't need heavy tent pegs – tarps can be easily anchored to trees or between them.

Versatile and Easy to Set Up

Tarps offer endless possibilities for setup, some of which can be assembled in seconds. They can also be used to create additional sheltered areas for cooking, recreation, or privacy, function as groundsheets, and protect your fire or equipment from the elements.


Tarps come in various types, sizes, and price ranges, starting from just a few dollars depending on the size, quality, and thickness you require. In comparison, a tent of similar size and quality is likely to be considerably more expensive while offering fewer applications. Tarps are a fantastic option for budget-conscious campers.

Life-Saving Skill

Building a shelter with a tarp or similar sheet is a skill taught by armed forces around the world. Known as a Basha or Bivi in the military, a tarp can genuinely be a lifesaver if you find yourself unexpectedly exposed to the elements. Learning this skill may prove invaluable in emergency situations, potentially saving lives in the future.